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Testimonials on divorce and family law family law attorney

Larry G. Sausalito

Michael C. San Anselmo

Michael C. San Anselmo

"Thanks for your patience in this matter and all of your hard work in achieving such a good result." Larry G.

Stevo L. Terra Linda

"Renee Marcelle runs a family oriented practice that takes into consideration the emotional turmoil caused by family law." Stevo L.


Sebastian G. Novato 

"I think the ladies of the Law Offices of Renee Marcelle are absolutely wonderful and they have done a fine, fine job for me. They are easy to work with, pleasant, hard working and accomplish whatever goal I put them to." Sebastian G

Michael C. San Anselmo

Michael C. San Anselmo

Michael C. San Anselmo

 Renee and the staff have done a great job. The office has gone above and beyond to help me in my case. I think they are great!"Michael C.

Leo O. Larkspur

Thank you for all of your support in handling my case. You made it easy, quick and painless".
Leo O.
Anne L. Fairfax
"RM did a brilliant job representing a family member in an ugly custody battle with such legal insight and integrity that there was a wise decision made for the child, and both parents are on the path of healing their differences for the child's sake." Anne L.

Laurie C.

Michael C. San Anselmo

Laurie C.

  "Renee was a big help to me and had I not gone to Renee I would have taken what was offered to me, which was rather unfair. I got more than I was expecting and now I am doing much better thanks to Renee helping me to feel more confident about my situation."
Laurie C.


Elizabeth W.  Mill Valley

Everybody is wonderful and very sympathetic. I had total faith that everyone was working on my side and getting done what needed to be done in a timely manner. Something that was very painful was handled as simple and painless as possible. I have come a long way and the road would have been more difficult without your offices."
Elizabeth W.

Barbara G

Jeremiah P. San Rafael

Laurie C.

Thank you again for all your help and mil gracias (a thousand thanks.)"
Barbara G. 

Bruce S, Greenbrae

Thank you for all of the excellent advice. You guys helped me through a very difficult time. I would have no reservations recommending Renee to anyone." Bruce S.

Diana R. San Rafael

"I was in a hopeless situation and after meeting with Renee and her staff I knew that everything that was going to be fine and that I would be ok."
Diana R. 

Mosy D. Larkspur

Renee and her staff are genuinely concerned, diligent and make you a participant in your own case, as well as help you to understand the process."
Mosy D 

Ellen W. San Anselmo

My sincere thanks to each of you for your professionalism and true compassion as I went through the painful process of divorce. I am so grateful to have found such a great team." Ellen W.


Rachel M

Jeremiah P. San Rafael

Jeremiah P. San Rafael

 "When I first came in Renee wasn't just an attorney. She listened to my story. She brought out what I needed to do, guided me in the direction I needed to go and helped me achieve it. She wasn't there saying this is what I do, here you go, this is what I am going to do. She made me a participant." Rachel M.

Robin B. Novato

 Not only did Renee get me through this traumatic transition in my life, I felt as though the entire office supported me like a family member."
Robin B.

Mia L. Larkspur    

"Renee's experience, expertise and true personal   attention to my case was phenomenal. My case turned around upon hiring Renee   Marcelle. Renee's predecessors were top rated family law lawyers in   California, which turned out to be a disaster. I was charged a fortune by   each and both were inefficient and ineffective in their representation."  Mia L.

Jeremiah P. San Rafael

Jeremiah P. San Rafael

Jeremiah P. San Rafael

 The Law Office of Renee Marcelle was impressive in their handling of my complicated case. From the professionalism of the initial meeting, to their preparation for the case, to the follow-through and support, it was a pleasing experience during a difficult time. They exceeded my expectations, won the case, and truly offered great service. While no one ever enjoys dealing with legal matters, they made it as painless as possible and produced the best possible results. A cut above the rest, to say the least. Renee and her team is exceptional and it would always be my first choice to seek representation through her offices." Jeremiah P.

Shawn A.  Greenbrae

You ladies rock! What a team. I will definitely refer you to anyone!"..."I am feeling supported and a sense of strength from all of you and it is appreciated." Shawna A. 

Jeanette M.

"Thank you all so much for your timeless efforts in making sense of this mess. Please know that I am greatly appreciative." Jeanette M.